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Our Client Service Process

However you decide to act on our advice, you will emerge from this process with a better sense of your priorities and where you stand in terms of your financial position. To make an appointment to learn more about how we can help you, contact William Castagna at or 516.873.4503.

1st Appointment -- we start with the bonding process. It's a simple 45-minute meeting where you share your goals and your current financial situation (we call this "fact-finding"). It's a two-way conversation that helps us get an accurate sense of what's important to you -- together, we identify what you may need to protect yourself and your loved ones, and even your business, business partner and employees. We establish your short term, medium term and long term insurance and investment priorities. At the end of the first appointment we will set up an second appointment to review and go over our reccomendations with you.

2nd Appointment -- we answer any questions you have about our recommendations, including questions about adequacy of protection coverage, costs, additional riders and the underwriting process. If you are considering retirement planning, we will take you through the various selections you could make to achieve  your retirement goals. 

If you require more in-depth discussions on any areas, we will be happy to set up additional meetings. Where necessary, we can also include specialists in estate planning, financial planning, employee benefits etc..

Again, appointments are driven primarily by you. They are paced according to what you are comfortable with. While we encourage our clients to avoid procrastination, we also understand that everyone has busy lives. Our work with you is based on mutual respect and consideration; where we can, we will accomodate your schedule.

And sometimes, you may simply not be ready yet to make a firm decision on your financial situation.

We understand that too.